Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali?

Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali

Most awaited mystery of why Kattappa Killed Bhaubali now revealed after waiting for 2 years, a very long time !!! Kattappa Ne Bahubali ko Kyu Mara Real answer in Hindi. Why Kattappa killed Bahubali Real Answer in Hindi?

Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali?
Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali?

First of all a short description of the Movie:

  • Movie Name: – Baahubali 2: The Conclusion
  • Cast: – Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Rana Daggubati, Sudeep, Sathyaraj, Ramya Krishnan, Nassar, Tamannaah, Adivi Sesh.
  • Director: – S.S. Rajamouli
  • Release Date:-  28th April 2017
  • Duration:- 2 hrs 47 mins
  • Budget:-   250 crore

Bahubali 2 full Movie Review : The Conclusion is finally releasing worldwide today on 28th of April 2017. The most awaited sequel of Bahubali: The Begining by SS Rajamouli’s 2015 blockbuster movie, Baahubali: The Beginning will finally answer the most asked question of the past two years, that “Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali“

Why did Kattappa Kill Bahubali?

The first part of this movie Bahubali: The Begining, showed Sivagami sacrifice her life for trying to save Amarendra Bahubali’s son, Shiva. However, before dying, Sivagami was shown to be guilty of some of her actions in the past life. According to this fan theory, Bahubali married Devasena against Sivagami’s wishes and was therefore dethroned. However, when Bhala Dev took the throne, he decided to kill Shivadu (Shiva), Bahubali as well as Devasena. Shivagami wanted to save Bahubali’s son and therefore asked Kattappa to kill Bahubali so that she could escape with his son in the mean time…..

Meanwhile, there are many fan theories which may have come very close to the truth. In fact, even SS Rajamouli accepted as much recently.

Here is a fan theory floating around
Kattappa killed Baahubali because Bhallaladeva asked him to Baahubali stood against his kingdom to marry Devasena, so he left Mahishmati and seeing this as a threat, the newly appointed King Bhallaladeva wanted him dead, so kattappa killed Baahubali because it was his duty to secure the king of Mahishmati and he is a slave of the throne as he said in Baahubali’s first part Bahubali: The Begining.

Must watch the movie at your nearest theaters today on 28th of April 2017. This movie going to be a blockbuster of 2017 as of the previous part of this movie Bahubali: The Begining and most awaited questions are going to be revealed now…..

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