New Happy Mother's Day Quotes In Hindi Marathi English And Malayalam

New Happy Mother's Day Quotes In Hindi Marathi English And Malayalam: Moms Day quotes are an ideal route in which you can make your mom's grin or snicker. We Provide you distinctive sorts of quotes for you to make your mom chuckle and make her mindset great on this event. This day is a special day for mother's and children's gifts this day from mother's. Happy Mother's Day Quotes In Hindi, Happy Mother's Day Quotes In Marathi, Happy Mother's Day Quotes In English And Happy Mother's Day Quotes In Malayalam. Mom's Day 2017 is an imperative day so for your mom here are Wishes Quotes for nothing. We additionally give distinctive sorts of FB-Status, Gift Ideas, Flowers, Coloring Pages, Quotes and a great deal more for nothing.

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Happy Mothers Day Quotes In Hindi

Happy Mothers Day Quotes In Hindi

  • मततव : सर  परम  वह  स  आरमभ  और  अत  हत  ह.
  • भगवन  सभ  जगह  नह  ह  सकत  इसलए उसन मए बनय.
  • म  ज  कछ  भ  ह  य  हन  क  आश  रखत  ह  उसक  शरय  मर  म  क  जत  ह.
  • मझ  एक  ऐस  म  क  सथ  बड  हन  क  मक  मल  जसन  मझ  खद  म  यकन  करन  सखय.
  • एक  पत  अपन  बचच  क  लए  ज  सबस  परमख  चज  कर  सकत  ह  व  उनक  म  स  परम  करन.

Happy Mother's Day Quotes In Marathi

Happy Mother's Day Quotes In Marathi

  • मझ आई एक चलण चमतकर आह.
  • मल जवन एक आई धरण नगर आहत.
  • गत हत गण आई सरखय कल जगत कहह नह.
  • आई ओठ आण लहन मलचय अत: करणत दव नव आह.
  • उतकरत खरखर कम करत तर, कस आल मत फकत दन हत?

Happy Mothers Day Quotes In english

Happy Mothers Day Quotes In English

  • All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.
  • Life began with waking up and loving my mother's face.
  • God could not be everywhere, and therefore, he made mothers.
  • It may be possible to gold pure gold, but who can make his mother more beautiful?
  • Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.

Happy Mothers Day Quotes In Malayalam

Happy Mothers Day Quotes In Malayalam

  • എനറ അമമ തർചചയയ എനറ പറ.
  • മതതവ ബദധമടടണ ... ഒപപ ... തകകവണണ.
  • ഞൻ കരണ എനറ കഞഞങങള ചകതസ വഴ സമധന എപപഴ ആയരനന.
  • ഗനങങൾ അമമ പട ചയയൻ ഉപയഗകകൻ കലയട ലകതത മററനനമലല.
  • എനറ അമമ 8 അതതഴ ഉണടയരനന അവൾ വറ 16 ആവശയതതന ആഗരഹകകനന മതരമ പത സവകക.
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